Property Management

Property Presentation

How should the property be presented?

We ask that the property be presented in the best manner possible so that it attracts the right tenant. Remember – you never get a second chance to create a first impression! Please refer to our guide ‘Getting Your Property Ready for Tenancy’ with tips and a checklist on how to present your property for rent.

How clean should the property be when a new tenant moves in?

The property should be presented ‘reasonably clean’ in accordance with legislative requirements. As a very general rule we find that tenants tend to keep the property at the standard they found it – so if it starts spotlessly clean, it’s more likely to be left that way.
This is why we ask that a ‘spring clean’ be conducted on the property in between tenancies, when necessary, so as to maintain a very high standard. We encourage our landlords to budget for this to maintain a good return on their investment and to maximise where possible. We are happy to provide advice on ways to increase the value of your investment property. However, in the case of a dispute, legally we can only enforce that the tenant return the property in a ‘reasonably clean’ condition, this being their minimum legal obligation.

Click here for our guide ‘Getting Your Property Ready for Tenancy’.