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Property Management

Finding the Right Tenant


Tenancy applications

Prospective tenants are asked to view the property before filling out a Tenancy Application form. This comprehensive application form is signed by the prospective tenant, giving us consent to conduct industry checks on their past history. We then conduct numerous checks to ensure the tenant meets our stringent criteria.

How we check the applicants

With the information provided on the application form, we carry out the following stringent checks:

  • Confirm their payment and tenancy history by calling their current and/or previous landlord/agent.
  • Confirm their employment.
  • Check them against a national database to see if they have been lodged as a bad tenant by a previous agent, or have an unsatisfactory credit history.
  • Contact their referees for both employment and character validation.
  • Conduct a Google search on every prospective tenant.

In some cases, where an applicant may not have a tenancy history, we confirm other information that may give us insight into their ability to maintain a tenancy in your rental property, for example a stable employment history. Where this is not possible we may simply reject the application.